We Work With WordPress Every Day. Here’s Why:

It’s scalable.

We can build sites that suit small start-ups all the way up to large, well-established businesses.

It’s beautiful.

Our years of experience with the platform allow us to build great looking, detailed and professional sites.

It’s social.

WordPress can seamlessly link with your social media to spread your message quickly and efficiently.

It’s responsive.

All the sites we build fit perfectly on any device whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop.

It’s flexible.

Just take a look at our portfolio to see the wide range of sites that can be built with WordPress.

It’s alive.

WordPress allows you to connect with your customers, encourage interaction and build great relationships.

Your Business: Evolved = Your Problems: Solved

If you’re looking for a beautiful website, a way of making your business stand out, taking your online presence to the next level or just increasing your profitability, you’re in the right place. This is what we do, and it’s what we’ve been doing for our clients ever since we started building websites. We’re WordPress experts and eCommerce specialists so if you’ve always dreamt of starting an online shop, working for yourself, or taking your current business into the ever expanding online world, stop reading now and send us a message.

WordPress now powers over 25% of all sites on the internet, and that figure is only getting bigger. It is the #1 content management system online and is used by hundreds of high profile businesses. It is – hands down – the best platform for your website.

Do you want to:

  • Sell anything, anywhere
  • Easily manage orders
  • Control your data
  • View detailed reports
  • Offer vouchers & coupons
  • Push your site forward

Have you ever considered setting up an online shop? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you may have already looked into the cheapest way to do it… Google “free online shop” and you’ll find hundreds of results offering a low-cost/no-cost store you can run from the comfort of your own home. Take our advice now: don’t do it! You’ll end up stuck with severely limited tools, a site awash with unwanted advertising that you can’t control, and very low credibility: would you feel confident buying a product from myshop.freewebsites4u.biz?

If you’re serious about running an online business you’re going to want a professionally built, great looking site (and all the tools to maintain and manage it), backed up by the help and support needed to get you off the ground and keep you running. And that’s where we can help.

Your website is like a new car : it’s looks great, goes fast and works perfectly when you first get it, but if you neglect it over time you’ll find it doesn’t perform like it once did. You need to pay it a little attention now and then, change the oil, fill up the tank, check the tyres…

That’s where our care & maintenance plans come in. We’ll service your site once a month to make sure it’s in tip top condition and stays working as it should, add any new content you want (good for SEO!) and keep backups in case you find yourself the victim of an attack. Our plans are billed monthly and there’s no contract – you can cancel any time.

Starter Care

You need someone to stay on top of your website security, keep the system and software up to date, and also make sure you're backed up.

Investment: £50 pcm

We’ll run regular backups, monitor your website security, and update all the software that keeps you online every month.

Extended Package

All Starter Care benefits + regular content updates, the option to add minor new features to your site, and strategy advice sessions.

Investment: £150 pcm

All the Starter Care perks plus up to 3 hours of dedicated time each month for content updates, new features* and strategy advice consultations.

Ad Hoc Service

You're looking for major website updates, all-new functionality, eCommerce maintenance or edits, or a complete design overhaul.

Investment: Varies

For the larger jobs we offer our advice and guidance and will provide a quote for all the work you require before we go ahead.

Good web developers are flat out these days and we only want to work with clients who understand the value their website adds to their business. Hence we have made our website Care Plans available by application only.


* “features” covered under the Extended Package do not include updates such as major layout changes or the addition of complex new functionality (e.g. an online shop) – please use our Ad Hoc Services for these requests.

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Building a website from scratch can be a daunting procedure, especially if you’ve not had any previous experience. You’ll need to arrange hosting for the site, register your domains, configure name servers and DNS, set up the email accounts you want to use… and that’s all before you even start to build the site itself.

We’ve helped lots of clients through this process, but now we can make the whole thing even simpler by offering domain registration and hosting through Redfoot Works – meaning you won’t need to attempt to go through it all on your own.

You can use the contact form on this page to let us know what stage you’re currently at (whether you have already registered a domain name but need hosting to go with it, you just want a domain registered, or you need both) and we can get you up and running in no time.
We can register any domain you want (as long as it’s available!) at current market price. This price can vary depending on the desirability of the domain and whether you want a TLD, gTLD or ccTLD (for example: .com, .net or .co.uk), but we’ll always let you know how much it is before we go ahead and register it for you.
Our Standard Hosting Package will suit most businesses: 500MB disk quota with 5GB monthly bandwidth and an unlimited number of email accounts. You’ll get cPanel access to set up email accounts if you’re comfortable doing that, or if not then we can do that for you too. Our Standard Hosting Package is £10 a month, billed annually.
We also offer custom hosting packages should you have specific requirements for your site such as a larger disk quota or higher bandwidth. For custom hosting plans please send an email with details of your requirements to info@redfootworks.co.uk.

Privacy Policies & Cookie Consent

The “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) was approved and adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016, and replaces the “Data Protection Act”. It seeks to give people more control over how organisations use their data, and introduces hefty penalties for organisations that fail to comply with the rules, and for those that suffer data breaches.

Is your website GDPR compliant?

The maximum fine for ignoring GDPR is considerable: 4% of your annual global turnover or €20 million – whichever is higher

Simply by having a website it is almost guaranteed you are collecting data. The EU has substantially expanded the definition of personal data under the GDPR: online identifiers such as IP addresses now qualify as personal data. Pseudonymised personal data may also be subject to GDPR rules, depending on how easy or hard it is to identify whose data it is.

  • Your website will most likely use cookies in order to enhance your users experience on your site. Cookies carry a modest amount of data which can include usernames and/or IP addresses. GDPR classes this information as “personal data” and as such you will need to comply with the new regulations.
  • If you have a mailing list or a newsletter, this will also hold personal information. If you use a service such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor and people sign up via your website, you are taking personal data and passing it on to a third party.
  • Google Analytics may be installed on your website, in which case you are collecting data.
  • If you operate an eCommerce website then you are collecting user data required to complete your orders.
  • If you have any contact forms on your website, your user is giving you their data whenever they use those forms.
Both data controllers and data processors must make clear how they collect people’s information, what purposes they use it for, and the ways in which they process the data. The legislation also says that firms must use plain language to convey these things clearly and coherently to people: it’s time to wave goodbye to those confusing, dense privacy policies.
  • As a website owner it is your responsibility to stay within the law. You need to revisit your Privacy Policy to make sure it is compliant, comprehensive, and relevant to your business. Using a template and hoping it covers you is no longer enough.
  • You need a to present a cookie policy to your user. Cookie law requires presentation of a banner on the first page the user visits on your site – it is important to note this may not always be your home page.
  • You must ensure any contact forms, signup forms or any other area on your site in which your user inputs their data carries a checkbox where they give you consent to use their data. This box cannot be pre-checked.
  • You need to have adequate security on your website to prevent any breaches. Failure to do so would be a violation of GDPR.

Here’s how we can help you:

At Redfoot Works we want to ensure our clients don’t get caught out by these complex new regulations. Our GDPR service ensures your Privacy Policy and Cookie Consent are always up to date and compliant with the law. Here’s how it works:
We enlist the services of an external group of lawyers, designers and developers that create legal documents for websites. Once these have been generated specifically for your website they are hosted on an external server and embedded into your site. The legal text is then automatically updated when the law changes and as such the information stays relevant – you never have to periodically call your lawyer to do this for you. This service also includes a cookie consent policy based on the contents of your privacy policy, and also the legally required banner every user needs to be presented with when they land on your site.
Once we’ve set the system up on your site you will benefit from a privacy policy compiled to suit all aspects relevant to your business, a cookie consent banner presented to your users that adheres to the legal requirement of appearing on the first page they visit (this may not be your home page), and a cookie consent document that is generated based on your new privacy policy.

The Redfoot Works GDPR service is £8 a month. This fee allows for continual revisions to each section of the privacy policy ensuring it is always kept up to date should the law change. Should there be any changes in the law, you will not be charged for any work required to update your policies – this will be done automatically and is included in the price. There is a one-off setup fee of £30 which covers the generation of your privacy policy, cookie policy, installation of the cookie consent banner, and an audit of your site to add any checkboxes the may be required to make your contact forms comply with the law. 

Our privacy and cookie policy service is only available for self-hosted WordPress websites. If we built your site then we’ll already know it inside out and all the necessary systems will be in place to start your GDPR service as soon as possible. If you used a different company to build your site we’ll need to take a look at your dashboard to ascertain what work will be required to bring it up to our standards before we can start looking after your site. Once we know what we’re working with we’ll get in touch about starting your service. If there is considerable work that needs to be done to your site we may need to charge you, but we’ll always let you know before we go ahead.