Use of the online Services offered by Redfoot Works:


“User/the User” – you, the owner of the website, the subscriber to the Service, or any authorised personnel who have agreed to use the Service

“Service/the Service/Services” – the Privacy Policy, Cookie Consent and Care Plan services provided by Redfoot Works

  • Users are solely responsible for the use of online services offered by Redfoot Works, the use of which is done at their own risk and falls entirely under their responsibility.
  • Any explanatory texts provided in correspondence of the available services by no means substitute a legal opinion nor replace the assistance or advice of a legal professional. Such texts are intended to facilitate use and understanding of the Service, and are not exhaustive nor may they fit any specific case.
  • Redfoot Works is a technical provider of the Services and may not in any way be held responsible for such use that the User makes of the same, nor shall Redfoot Works be responsible for the User’s achieving its purposes of use of the Service.
  • It remains the exclusive responsibility of the User to ensure their operations are in accordance with the applicable rules. The Service, in fact, should be understood as an instrument of support of the User and under no circumstances replace the advice given by an expert.
  • Under no circumstances will Redfoot Works be deemed liable in relation to the proper functionality or availability, or both, of any services.
  • Users can cancel their subscription to the Service and stop using the Service at any time by directly contacting Redfoot Works.
  • It is the exclusive responsibility of the User to verify the correspondence of the generated Privacy Policy and Cookie Consent to the characteristics of their own activities such as, purely by way of example, the factual treatment of personal data of their users.
  • The Service is provided as a monthly subscription with no minimum term. An invoice is issued for each month of the Service, and this invoice must be paid within the terms specified. Non-payment will constitute a breach of terms and the Service may be terminated without notice.
  • The User may cancel their subscription at any time by directly contacting Redfoot Works – info(at)
  • The User is authorised to use the Service on their website for the duration of the Service only. Therefore, when the Service ends, the User is obliged not to use and not to reproduce the content of the Service provided by Redfoot Works in any way.
  • Any reproduction in any form of the documents, if not authorised, is considered a violation of copyright.
  • Care Plans involve the use of third party plugins and whilst all processes are followed correctly, there is no guarantee that your website can ever be 100% secure. Redfoot Works cannot be held liable for the loss of any data, including backups.
  • The User agrees to indemnify and hold Redfoot Works and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, co-branders, partners and employees, as the case may be, harmless from and against any claim or demand, including without limitation, reasonable lawyer’s fees and costs, made by any third party due to or arising out of the User’s content, use of or connection to the Service, violation of these Terms, or violation of any third-party rights.
  • Any order placed is an offer to purchase the Service. By making payment to Redfoot Works, the User is agreeing to be bound by these Terms.
  • If any provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, that clause will be removed and the remaining provisions shall not be affected and they will remain in force.